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Inglourious Basterds + red

“We’re going to micro-fractally explore this text cause all there is in this movie is people talking. We’re going to pick that shit out of pepper. We’re going to find the moments between the moments that move and resonate. And if you’re not willing to hit that hole a lot of times, don’t do this. Because it’s going to be agony for you. If the charge for you is wardrobe malfunction, you’re not going to get that. There’s not going to be a lot surprises here, you’re going to surprise yourself. I’m going to have you do it until you have gone past memorizing it, gone past knowing your own name, until we can get all of the the physical nonsense so ingrained that we can get to what the actual text is.” — David Fincher on explaining his shooting process to Justin Timberlake before the singer/actor signed up for “The Social Network”. (via thatguywhodirectedfightclub)


TOP FIVE VILLAINS (in no order): asked by ananita

The Joker | The Dark Knight (2008)

I believe whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you…stranger.